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Heat Shrink Machine

Heat Shrink Machine

Shrink Fit Machine with compressed Air Cooling

Name Description
Power :5kw
Supply Voltage : 230vAV / Single Phase / 50Hz
Air Supply : 5-6 Bar at 120 las/min
Working Stroke : 350mm
Heater Head Movement : Motorized Jogging / Return Stroke Automatic
Average Heating Time : 20secs
Possible Tool Diameters : 3 mm to 32mm
User Interface : Via 4” Monochrome Touch Screen
Cooling : Using Compressed Air
Cooling Method : In line with Heating Coil
Cooling Time : 2-3 mins (can be set by operator)
Cooling Distance : Can be set by operator based on tool height
Cooling for Tool Removal : Can be set-off if not required
Heating Chart : Based on tool diameters / Heating Time
Cooling Chart : Based on tool diameters / Holder Height

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