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FMH Flange Face Mill Arbor

BT - Form A

Face Mill Arbor is designed in accordance with JIS B 6339-2 BT40 equipped with face contact. FHM mill arbor is suitable for holding face mill cutters and milling cutters with radial driving slot DIN 1880. Flange Face mill arbor is designed and manufactured similar to DIN 6357 with taper similar JIS B 6339-2 BT40 with face contact form AD.

The interior coolant supply in the FMH arbor is designed through the centre(Form AD). An additional support on the flange surface is provided to enable more rigidity. With coolant exit bores on the end face for milling cutters with central cooling. The tightening bolt is included in the delivery package. Included in delivery.

Flange-mounting shell mill holders are designed to hold large diameter face mill cutters (spigot diameters of 40 & 60mm) in rough to fine face milling applications. These holders offer a large bearing face and secure cutter locking using 4 screws and 2 large driving keys according to DIN 2079 (instead of the central screw of conventional shell mill holders). The result is high torque transmission.

BT 40 - Standard GPL

BT 40 - Standard GPL

Part No. Product Name Taper Form d. L L1 D1 P T1 Kgs Group
F1B405X-FMH40060 BT40 A FMH 40 060 40 A 40 60 30 88 66.7 M12 2.6 B
BT 50 - Standard GPL

BT 50 - Standard GPL

Part No. Product Name Taper Form d. L L1 D1 P T1 Kgs Group
F1B505X-FMH40075 BT50 A FMH 40 075 50 A 40 75 30 88 66.7 M12 5.7 B
F1B505X-FMH60075 BT50 A FMH 60 075 50 A 60 75 40 128 101.6 M16 7.6 B

Driving Key

Flange Face Mill Arbor Driving Key
Part No. B d. H L Allen Screw FIG
F1DRKY-40FMH 16 - 16 24 M6 1
F1DRKY-60FMH - 25.4 12.5 27.5 M6 2


Flange Face Mill Arbor Accessories

Pre balanced G6.3@15000 RPM
Fine balancing G2.5@25000 RPM on request


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