Hydraulic Chuck

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Hydraulic Chuck Tool Holders

Hydraulic chucks are designed to be used in applications where high accuracy and rigidity is needed.

Achieve your goals with the latest milling line-up

  • Reaming
  • Drilling
  • Threading


  • Hydraulic chucks are easy to handle and easy tool changing
  • With intermediate sleeves, Will have versatile clamping range
  • Minimum tool run out
  • Good surface finish
  • Extends tool life.

Hydraulic Chucks are available in following shank

  • BT(MAS 403)
  • HSK A(69893)
  • SK(DIN69871)

Mounting Instruction

  • Check tool holders for damage before each use – if damaged, do not use them.
  • The max. tightening torque for the Hydraulic chuck can be found in the data sheet provided below
  • To secure the clamping force, the clamping bore and groove have to be cleaned after every tool change with a cleaning agent which contain solvents(rust preventive oil).
  • For the best lubrication of the clamping screw, We are recommending the use of GREASE/Copper paste (Cu7439) MOLYKOTE which has higher retention capability

Cleaning Instruction

  • Holder and Bore to be cleaned with fresh cloth before use- Never use compressed air
  • The contact surfaces of the tool holder and the machine must be clean

Torque Details

Hydraulick Chuck - Heavy Duty Hydraulick Chuck - Normal
Tool Holder
Size (mm)
ø12 ø20 ø32 ø6 ø8 ø10 ø12 ø14 ø16 ø18 ø20 ø25 ø32
Length (mm)
38 43 53 28 28 33 38 38 41 41 43 49 53
110 520 900 16 23 45 90 110 185 240 330 450 650

Balancing G2.5 @ 25000 RPM

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