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Synchro Tapping Chuck (STC)

For High Speed / Rigid Tapping

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With "Fully synchronous" (or "Rigid feed" , "Synchro feed") machinery, a rigid tapping cycle synchronizes the machine spindle rotation and feed to match one thread pitch in terms of a single start thread in tapping. This is an ideal tapping method by which you may not encounter any problems during the process. SYNCHRO tapping chucks compensate for pitch differences of the tap and the synchronous spindle, as well as for the thread tolerances of the tap, and provide for a cushioning effect between the tool and the spindle during synchronised tapping (rigid tapping) on processing centres with synchronous spindles.

Versions entirely in accordance with needs. With different shaft forms (DIN 69871 AD/B SK40 and SK50, DIN 69893/ISO 12164 HSK A50 to A100, MAS/BT JIS B 6339 AD/B SK40 and SK50 and cylindrical shafts Ø 20, 25 and 32 mm) we offer a broad range of synchro tapping chuck versions.

  • Prevent Tap Breakage
  • No Downtime

Application :

Tapping, Roll forming on machines with synchronized feed (pitch / feed synchronization).

Mounting & Machine Type :

MAS BT, DIN 69871 SK, DIN 69893 HSK for Machining Centers, Straight Shank for CNC Turning Centers.


  • Minimum length compensation for rigid tapping with compression and expansion of + / -0.50 mm.
  • Through Coolant Facility.
  • High Concentricity allows high speed tapping.

Advantages :

  • Compensation of the synchronization error (pitch & feed error).
  • Reduction of pressure ont the thread flanks increases tap life.
  • Better quality threads.
  • Clamping with Normal ER Tap Collets allows more range.

Benefits :

  • Longer Tap Life
  • Better Quality Threads
  • Prevent Tap Breakage
  • Less Number of Tools Required
  • Less Spindle Maintenance
  • No Downtime.


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