JIS - 6339

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SCCH - Short Collet Chuck

Form JD

Falcon offers short collet chucks in both BT40 and BT50. These offer the shortest overhang, reduced vibrations and increased surface finish. They are mainly used in applications which have very tight tool – workpiece interface.

BT40 Form JD (AD)

BT 40 Form AD
Part No. Product Name Taper Form Size Champing Range L Nut D Kgs Group
F1B401A-ERS32033 BT40 AD ER 32 033 40 JD ER32 33 2-20 F15500-32SER M40x1.5 1.0 B1000

BT50 Form JD (AD)

BT 50 Form AD
Part No. Product Name Taper Form Size L Champing Range Nut D Kgs Group
F1B501A-ERS32040 BT50 AD ER 32 040 50 JD ER32 40 2-20 F15500-32SER M40X1.5 3.2 B1000
F1B501A-ERS40045 BT50 AD ER 40 045 50 JD ER40 45 3-26 F15500-40SER M50X1.5 3.2 B1000


Part No. Product Name G L Group
F15500-32SER SHORT NUT SER32 M40X1.5 14 B4400
F15500-40SER SHORT NUT SER40 M50X1.5 20 B4400



Pre balanced G6.3@15000 RPM
Fine balancing G2.5@25000 RPM on request


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