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Short Collet Chuck

Form AD

The High Precision Collet Chuck JIS B 6339-2 BT is the collet chuck for the highest machining capacity in high-speed manufacturing. The universal High Precision Collet Chuck is a unique high performance chuck that can also be used with standard collets. High runout accuracy of 0.003 mm at 3 × D is possible to achieve in the short collet chuck without developing any deflection. For standard collets ER according to ISO 15488 (Please note when use with standard ER collets the gage length A will vary compared to A dimension given below). The short collet chuck is designed and manufactured to deliver high rigidity.

These chuck enables smoother running thanks to vibration absorbing geometry, therefore better surface quality and protection of tools, spindles and machines. These collet chucks have increased machining capacity due to higher spindle speeds, higher feed rates and larger cutting depths. Short collet chucks are highly preferred as they have shorter processing times, higher machining accuracy and high clamping force. These short collets are suitable for operating high-speed manufacturing and heavy milling. The chucks are manufactured with threaded holes in order to balance with balancing screws.

BT 40 Form AD

BT 40 Form AD
Part No. Product Name Taper Form Size Champing Range L Nut D Kgs Group
F1B401A-ERS32033 BT40 AD ER 32 033 40 AD ER32 33 2-20 F15500-32SER M40x1.5 1.0 A

BT 50 Form AD

BT 50 Form AD
Part No. Product Name Taper Form Size L Champing Range D Nut Group Kgs
F1B501A-ERS32040 BT50 AD ER 32 040 50 AD ER32 40 2-20 M40X1.5 F15500-32SER A 3.2
F1B501A-ERS40045 BT50 AD ER 40 045 50 AD ER40 45 3-26 M50X1.5 F15500-40SER A 3.2


JIS 6339 Spares
Part No. Product Name G L
F15500-32SER SHORT NUT SER32 M40X1.5 14
F15500-40SER SHORT NUT SER40 M50X1.5 20


JIS 6339 Accessories

Pre balanced G6.3@15000 RPM
Fine balancing G2.5@25000 RPM on request


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