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346 Adjustable Heavy Duty

Rough Boring Bars

Falcon toolings are one of the leading manufacturers of adjustable heavy duty boring bars. The adjustable boring bars delivers high performance in machining heavy-duty tools that have a range of 250~500mm. The boring bars are suitable for various adjustment settings thus enhancing the machining efficiency and productivity. These borings are greatly applicable for machining conditions of roughing applications and requirements.

Adjustable boring bars are used in Heavy Cut tooling requirements and deliver high precision works. For a Larger and Heavey machining purpose, these boring holders are equipped with two slides and two cartridges to meet the machining requirements with higher boring accuracy and precision. Adjustable Heavy Duty Boring Bars delivers great performance in Automobile, Valve and General Engineering Industries.


Heavy Duty - Assembly


  • Slide to be odered seperately
  • Slide “2Nos” required per one boring bar
  • Catridge to be ordered seperately

Rough Boring Bars

Rough Boring Bar
Part No. Product name d. A L (D) RANGE PCD Slide Part No. Kgs Group
F1FM40X-RBB250300 FLANGE TYPE HD RBB 250 – 300 40 85 50 250 – 300 66.7 F13320X-RBB250500 1.30 B6000
F1FM40X-RBB300350 FLANGE TYPE HD RBB 300 – 350 40 85 50 300 – 350 66.7 F13320X-RBB250500 1.65 B6000
F1FM40X-RBB350400 FLANGE TYPE HD RBB 350 - 400 40 85 50 350 – 400 66.7 F13320X-RBB250500 2.01 B6000

Please use Dia 40 Face Mill Arbors - Flange Type For Mounting

Slide – Rough Boring Bars

Slide – Rough Boring Bars
Part No. Product name L (D) RANGE Insert Type Catridge Entering Angle Kgs Group
F13320X-RBB250500 3320 ROUGH BORING BAR 250 - 500 40 250 - 500 TNMG 22 04 08 / SNMG 15 06 12 PTGNL20CA22 / PSRNL20CA16 90° / 75° 2.60 B6000

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