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Finish Boring Catridges

BCA Type

Fine Boring Bar Cartridges, in other terms they are called BCA Cartridges. Falcon Toolings design and manufacture cartridges that are suitable for continuous machining operations. Cartridges used in the fine boring bars have a range of 23~142mm. The range of the boring bar cartridge is chosen based on the MOD type basic boring bar holder.

This cartridge is manufactured to deliver high precise function and are highly reliable in enhancing the desired boring output. Fine boring bar cartridges are widely used in industries for semi-finishing purposes. The cartridge boring bars works under a controlled condition thus limiting the chance of deviation. These borings are designed to do machining operations with tight tolerances.


Finish Boring Catridges
Part No. Product name Boring Range - d Group
F1M03B2CCMT06 Catridge M03 B2 CCMT06 23 - 29 B4400
F1M03A2CCMT06 Catridge M03 A2 CCMT06 29 - 39 B4400
F1M05B2TCMT11 Catridge M05 B2 TCMT11 38 - 49 B4400
F1M05A2TCMT11 Catridge M05 A2 TCMT11 46 - 66 B4400
F1M07A2TCMT11 Catridge M07 A2 TCMT11 62 - 87
83 - 108
F1M07A2TCMT16 Catridge M07 A2 TCMT16 62 - 87
83 - 108
F1M10A2TCMT11 Catridge M10 A2 TCMT11 98 - 142 B4400
F1M10A2TCMT16 Catridge M10 A2 TCMT16 98 - 142 B4400


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