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Boring Blank Adapter

Boring Blank Adaptor is exclusively designed to manufacture the special tools and special applications. The blank adaptor is manufactured with specifications regarding HSK 63-80-250 DIN 69893 Form A. Unlike other adaptors, the cone and flange part of the boring blank are hardened and grinded. Thus making the overall tooling operation more efficient and productive. Boring Blank Adaptors are used in special applications where the tooling and machining of the workpiece are difficult to carry out the boring works. All holders of Boring Blank Adaptors are made of Tool steel material.

Specific, low warpage hardened materials are specially used in the manufacturing of these adaptors. Surface Hardened HRC 58~60 is the tool material that is used as the core material of the blank adaptor. Boring Blank Adaptor HSK 63-80-250 DIN 69893 delivers great machining performance on the hardening depth of 0.8mm~0.9mm. These adaptors develop a taper angle tolerance < AT 3 according to DIN 2080. Boring blank adaptors are suitable for tooling the workpiece of surface roughness Ra < 0.4 µm and the tensile strength in the core of minimum 800 N/mm2 after DIN. All functional surfaces are fine machined.


HSK-A63 Boring Bar Blank Adapter
Part No. Product name Taper D L Kgs Group
F1A063X-BLA064250 HSK A63 BLANK 64 250 A63 64 250 6 B6600
F1A063X-BLA080200 HSK A63 BLANK 80 200 A63 80 200 7 B6600


HSK-A100 Boring Bar Blank Adapter
Part No. Product name Taper D L Kgs Group
F1A100X-BLA100150 HSK A100 BLANK 100 150 A100 100 150 8.9 B6600
F1A100X-BLA100250 HSK A100 BLANK 100 250 A100 100 250 15 B6600


Boring Blank Adaptor Accessories

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