HSK DIN 69893

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Flange Face Mill Arbor

Flange Face mill arbors are used to hold large diameter cutters having 4 PCD holes and used in a wide range of rough milling and finish milling applications

HSK A100

HSK-A100 Flange type Mill Arbor
Part No. Product name Taper d. L D1 D2 L1 L2 P T1 Kgs Group
F1A100H-FMH40070 HSK A 100 FMH 40 070 B2.5G A100 40 70 88 80 30 45 66.7 M12 3.9 B3000
F1A100H-FMH60070 HSK A 100 FMH 60 070 B2.5G A100 60 70 128 80 40 45 101.6 M16 6.2 B3000


Flange Face Mill Arbor Accessories

Pre balanced G2.5@25000 RPM


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