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Machine Design

PLBT Tool holders are used to have Taper and Flange Face contact with Spindle. Here the taper of the tool holder contacts the machine spindle taper and then because of the pull force, spindle gets expands until the flange face of the tool holder touches the spindle face. Taper and face contact ensures higher rigidity resulting in improved cutting Performance. These PLBT holders should be used in the PLBT spindle machines only

SHK DETAIL Shank Detail

PLBT (FACE CONTACT)-Machine Design
Machine Design TAPER ISO D D1 D2 L1 L2 L3 d. B G
PLBT30 30 31.75 46 h8 56.03 48.4 13.6 21 8 16.1 M12
PLBT40 40 44.45 63 h8 75.68 65.4 16.6 26 10 16.1 M16
PLBT50 50 69.85 100 h8 118.89 101.8 23.2 36.5 15 25.7 M24

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